Learning coding

How to keep your brain active? Iam putting myself on a journey to learn about coding. Starting point for me is google. My head is spinning on so much information. Hoping to get information which is easy to follow. Iooking forward to the journey of discovery!!! Maybe one of these days l will wake up knowing all the coding lingos.

July 4 2017My coding journey. After a lot of research I came across an app which is good for learning coding. The app is called sololearn. I like it because you can also practice your coding and there is also a community group. Coding is fun and it is good for the brain. “everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think” Steve Jobs.True value of coding is that it teaches you to think differently.


Obessesion with orchids plants

Once you are bitten by the orchid bug you cannot go back. My first bite was with the grocery store phalaenopsis orchid which my husband bought for me for Valentines day.

I have decided to branch out and try other types of orchids, oncidiums and dendrobiums. Iam starting with little plants on my journey to discover these fasinating plants. I hope l would be able to make them bloom. Orchid journey here l come!!!

Its exciting to see new growth on my oncidiums. Today is 27 of June. Patience patience indeed when growing plants.looking forward to amazing blooms.

Wilsonora passage peach cobblerSharry baby sweet sugar