Swedish death cleaning

I know most of our cultures hate to talk about the D word. Unfortunately death is inevitable. When l heard of the term swedish death cleaning my mind went haywire. Swedish death cleaning is just decluttering. We all have things which we think we might use but never do. When we are moving that is when we get a wake up call and realise that we have been carrying junk. Swedish death cleaning is more like get rid of your junk to leave less load for your family when you decide to kick a bucket.

 Next time when you chat with friends just say l have been doing swedish death cleaning, l assure you it a great conversation start.  


Child abuse

My heart was left in pain when l had a story about a 9 year old who turned to prostitution to make a living. My head was spinning imagining the kid of men who go to her and sleep with a 9 year old. Many questions, what kind of men are these abusing a child for sex? What goes in their mind?  Iam sure some of them have children. Do they ever imagine that this child was their or they think with their manhood.  Child sexual abuse is very common in society. The unfortunate truth is that those who are supposed to protect these kids are the abusers. What can be done to end this circle of abuse? My eyes are filled with tears. We all need to act to end this. United we conquer the world.

The 9 year goes on to say she gets paid $2 per night to sleep with man. Oh my God what is this life for her. She also takes care of her 5 year old sister. What is going on in their lives. They are kids living like adults and there are shameless adults involved. This is a major stolen innocence.