Trump and the Russian Pandora box.

Trump tantrums leads to drama unfolding. Did he fire Comey because of his defiance on not backing off the investigation of Flynn? We all know that there is no smoke without fire. It is alleged that Trump wanted the FBI to stop the investigation of Flynn. In my opinion when you do this it seems like you have a lot of things you want to cover up. In Trump’s mind the firing of Comey was his bold move of showing his power. Unfortunately this was a bad move since it opened up the pandora box. Once the pandora box is opened you can not stop whatever comes out of it. Trump need to be educated on emotional intelligence, which is a great asset when you are a President. Trump bear in mind that you are the leader of United States of America not Celebrity Apprentice. On tv we can laugh off the firing of the celebrities. Mr Trump, Mr President every step you take matters more and it has its own consenquences. Whether you dealt with the Russian or not the pandora box is now wide open. Mr Trump hold on to your seat the tides are now in motion.


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