Ivanka Trump for President, trump card

Many people keep on asking what role is Ivanka  playing in White House? My opinion she is playing the Trump card. She is laying a foundation for her political aspirations. She is networking with leaders of different Countries which makes her a familiar hand to deal with. Just like the family business she is learning the ropes before she takes the reins. Iam sure if someone was to ask her if she would run for President she would respond with a resounding No! Power is addictive once you taste it,  you go for more. Ivanka is a smart businesswoman she knows correct steps to take. I foree Ivanka running for President in the future. However many people would be surprised by this, yet the foundation is being laid down. Money is a magnet for politics. This is the beginning of Trump era. 

Copyright Rumbi Zinyemba 2017


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