Politics,actors and salespeople are birds from same feather.

Politicians,actors and salespeople have to look good, appeal to an audience and talk to the camera.The world is their play ground.They both have a small window to give the best impression. This is when the need for a script comes into play. A script makes them project a professional personality. 


They have the ability to manipulate reality by using the power of persuasion. Just look at the way you get sucked into your favourite tv show. You are hooked and you tune in to all the emotions despite knowing that it’s not real. All these characters sell to you the idea of a way of life.You become so defensive of your political party because you are sold on the idea of beliefs and values. A great salesperson can sell ice to an Eskimo.They create trust and use it to get what they want. Sometimes we as humans beings we got so wrapped up we fail to separate reality from fiction.Everytime we get excited when it is time for  campaigns because that is when the drama unfold.Its like watching a reality show, CNN gives it centre stage. These are days of our lives.Next time when you think you are clever just remember you can not beat the power of persuasion. 


4 thoughts on “Politics,actors and salespeople are birds from same feather.”

  1. Politician dupe us over and over again . However they are some grounded , well intentioned politicians who work for the benefit of their constituency . You are passionate about politics, you should run for office 😊

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