Waiting for Godot

“Waiting for Godot” is a Famous play written by Samuel Beckett. The play is popular because we can find many interpretations for the play. The play is about two characters, Vladimir and Estragon who wait for the arrival of a person named Godot . The arrival of Godot is not certain. Vladimir and Estragon also encounter three more characters.  The play focuses on Vladimir and Estragon whose desires are never realised since Godot never arrives. They both come to the conclusion that “nothing to be done”.My interpretation of this play is going to focus on the situation in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe  used to be known as the bread basket of Africa. The situation in Zimbabwe right now can not reflect what it used to be known for. Everything have run down to the extend of no point of return. Zimbabwe is operating with different currencies.  Reflecting on the play Estragon and Vladimir represents people living in Zimbabwe. People keep on waiting for someone or for something but nothing seem to happen. People are suffering every day but many people do not have a solution to their problems. People are aware that something needs to be done but nothing gets done. No matter how much people are suffering they keep on waiting for Godot wondering if they are waiting at the correct position and time. In the play Pozzo and Lucky are introduced to Vladimir and Estragon. When Pozzo appears they wonder if Pozzo was Godot? Some characters have tried to stand up again the government of Zimbabwe. People got excited hoping that things were going to change. In people’s mind they keep on hoping that Godot has come to deliver them from the suffering. Pozzo is seen eating chicken. Estragon asks Pozzo for the bones  but Pozzo reminds him that Lucky gets priority over him. Reflecting on this Pozzo represents countries trying to help Zimbabwean people. Despite the assistance they are reminded that their Citizens takes priority over Zimbabwean. Many Zimbabwean have migrated to neighbouring countries. In those neighbouring countries they make a living but they are intimidated and told to go back to their country. When looking for jobs, the citizens of those countries takes piority over them. A boy appears in the play and tells Vlamidir and Estragon that Godot was not coming that evening but tomorrow. They both realise that the boy came before to tell them the same message. When they ask the boy what Godot does he answers”nothing”. Relecting the boy represents people of Zimbabwe ‘s conscience, they are aware that nothing changed from yesterday to today. They know that Godot is not going to change things.They keep on waiting in despair.People are unable to determine their fate by the inability to act due to military intimidation.They keep on waiting for Godot who is never going to come. Which is sad to say.


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