Donald Trump the Napoleon of Animal Farm.


“Impossible! Cried Napoleon. “We built the walls far too thick for that. They could not knock it down in a week. Courage, comrades!” Trump is more focus on building the Mexican border believing that it is the best solution to immigration issues. The main question is to ask if indeed building a wall is the main priority where major issues are at stake like health care and education. Napoleon is represented as a” fierce-looking” boar  with a reputation for getting his own way. ” Trump insists on getting his way no matter the circumstances. When he signed the immigration order some judges temporarily block the order citing that it violates rights to Due Process and Equal Protection guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Trump ignore the court order. Napoleon does not take part in the activities for the animals he works behind Snowball. Napoleon was also good at developing support for his ideas by brainwashing the other animals. let’s make America great again!! many of his supporters were sold on the idea of making America great again. Many people were disappointed just like in Animal Farm, the realization that America was never going to be the same.  When Napoleon took over the leadership differences between animals begins to show on his first day. Under his leadership the pigs take all the milk while the working animals struggled in the fields. Napoleon shows lack of empathy when he takes away the puppies from their mothers. Looking at Trump as soon as got into power he signs Immigrarion Orders which separates families apart and it shows different treatments of people despite the promise to make America great again. The democratic process ends. Trump discredit the press and intimidate the press which infringes on the freedom of the press.  The press is the voice of the people so with intimidation there is going to be lack of accountability. According to Trump the press just keep on producing fake news. We  live to see if indeed Trump is going to make America Great Again!!









12 thoughts on “Donald Trump the Napoleon of Animal Farm.”

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