The truth about having a third child

Whoever said two is a perfect family need to be prosecuted. Having a third child is like an application for people to judge you without any mercy. My first appointment with the doctor when l found out l was pregnant was interesting. The doctor looked at me with a straight face, he said by the way are you going to keep it or get rid of the pregnancy?

Imagine a doctor asking you like that in the meantime you are steaming with a lot of emotions inside, happy, sad, worry and excitement. Judgement already.l felt like l was starting all over again being my second daughter is 7 years old. Anyway it was a great feeling looking forward to a baby in the family.

People feel the need to tell you about middle child syndrome. People who finish child bearing looks at you like you are crazy no pity. By the way everyone asks you if it’s your first and when you say third you hear people saying oh.

The exciting part is that you look at your older children and your husband with eyes of gratitude. Your life would be full of frustrations and lots of love. Third child a new chapter indeed!!


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